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What are the differences between epoxy floor and curing floor performance

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2023-09-27 09:40

The performance comparison of epoxy floor and curing floor is as follows:

1. the mechanical properties of the whole, the mechanical performance of epoxy floor is far less than that of concrete seal curing agent floor, and its wear resistance, pressure resistance and impact resistance are poor. When encountering a high-intensity working environment, it is prone to problems such as peeling and scratching, and the black scratches left by the forklift are difficult to remove. Sealed concrete curing agent in the mechanical properties have a good performance, up to 7-8 Mohs hardness makes it fearless of the vast majority of the impact and rolling, plant common trailers, forklifts can not leave the slightest scratch or tire marks on the curing floor.

2. chemical properties compared to the chemical stability of the epoxy floor is higher, is one of the strongest barrier ability of the floor material, can be long time to isolate water, acid, alkali, gasoline, lubricating oil and other substances. Sealed concrete curing agent floor barrier ability is slightly inferior to the epoxy floor, can block the vast majority of water, acid, alkali, oil, juice, dirt, algae and other foreign substances; among them, the acidic substances need to be cleaned in time, long time stay easy to leave traces.

3. waterproof and moisture-proof anti-seepage ability epoxy floor thanks to its strong barrier ability, its waterproof and moisture-proof anti-seepage ability is also quite good, is a traditional waterproof floor material; but after scratching, its waterproof will correspondingly plummet. Concrete seal curing agent strictly speaking is not waterproof material, but also has a good waterproof anti-seepage ability, the industry commonly used 24h permeability reduction to express its waterproof ability, through the relevant data we can see its good waterproof ability.

4. aesthetic degree of epoxy floor material used is epoxy resin, is a kind of lacquer material, to create a more shiny floor effect. Concrete seal curing agent floor use to the floor polishing technology, to create the floor has a clear mirror effect, giving a solid texture.

5. safety comparison of environmental protection, concrete seal curing agent belongs to non-toxic harmless water-based inorganic materials, for home decoration is not any problem; epoxy resin itself non-toxic, but the curing material toxic, MDA, TDI, MDI are carcinogenic substances, and will remain in the epoxy resin floor slowly volatilize. In terms of fire protection, the fire protection rating of concrete seal curing agent is the highest A1 level, and the fire protection ability is on the bar. Epoxy resin is not fireproof and will burn under high temperature conditions. Anti-static, epoxy floor in the subdivision of the type-anti-static epoxy resin can achieve the effect of anti-static; concrete seal curing agent floor without the use of epoxy resin secondary construction cases, you can through the construction of anti-static cement mortar to reach the effect of anti-static.

6. the service life of the so-called "into also Xiao he failure also Xiao he", epoxy floor with its strong barrier ability is well-known, but also therefore fold the life, because of poor air permeability, underground rising water vapor easily lead to epoxy floor appear empty drum, rupture and other problems. Generally speaking, the service life of epoxy floor is 2-3 years, and the poor quality may be shortened to 1-2 years, and the depreciation cost is higher. The service life of the concrete seal curing agent floor is as long as 20-30 years, which is still a conservative value, in the case of proper maintenance, its service life can even be semi-permanent level, with the same cycle of the building body.