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How to judge the floor grinding machine gear rotation is good or bad?

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2023-09-27 09:41

In the floor construction,Floor grinding machineIs a very important floor grinding equipment, after long-term use in the process of operation may encounter some faults, which gear rotation is a very important problem, how to judgeFloor grinding machineIs the gear rotation good or bad?

1. Listen to the sound, good processing accuracyFloor grinding machineRunning noise can be comparable to belt drive
2. Look at the selection of materials, high-quality equipment will consider the mechanical heat dissipation performance of mechanical dry grinding, so aluminum alloy material will be selected.
3. LookFloor grinding machineRotate the fit clearance accuracy and test the fit clearance by turning the grinding disc by hand.
4.Floor grinding machineThe durability of the box has a lot to do with the design of the box. After determining the material of the box, look at the weight of the mechanical grinding head.

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