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Floor machinery repair and maintenance

Release time:

2023-09-26 13:48

Floor machineryWidely used in rough, uneven ground grinding, eradication of concrete floor on the sealing layer and paint and the old epoxy floor innovation, glue and other surface grinding and processing.

After a period of operation, if the floor machinery is found to be weak, it can loosen the base screw and adjust the belt adjustment screw. When the operation shows frequent active power failure, please check whether the wire is a national standard 4 square wire, and the wire should be completely opened and cannot be wound together. There is a white connecting wire inside the overload leakage protection switch, and unplug it to see if the connection is firm.


If the belt is not loose and the motor rolls, but the site does not rotate, it may be that the pulley is loose. Please open the front cover and reinstall the pulley.
If the machine oscillates, please check whether the rubber anti-vibration pad on the site falls off or breaks off. If it falls off, please add a gasket and tighten it. If there is a break, please change it in time. Or there is a corner of the triangular plate under the site that does not have a device. The grinding tool is unbalanced. If oscillation occurs, please replace the grinding tool in time.
In the process of use, please fasten the grinding stone with screws to avoid flying out of the site during operation. Please pay attention to safety.