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MG4P-480 multi-function floor grinding machine

Release time:

2023-10-07 14:02

Meitengqi brand MG4P-YY-580 multi-functional floor grinding machine, to meet the needs of professional users for large area industrial floor grinding efficiency, very cost-effective. Suitable for marble, granite, concrete floor grinding renovation, etc.
Product Features:
1. The appearance design is novel and elegant.
2. Folding handle, integrated central control panel design, convenient operation, safe and reliable, ergonomic, easy to move the handle.
3, high-power (7.5HP) variable frequency motor, to meet the requirements of industrial floor grinding for a long time and frequent use.
4, automatic pressure adjustment control system, to meet the needs of different construction technology.
5. It can be equipped with dust collection equipment to realize dry and wet working modes.
6. The rotary drain switch and the central water outlet system of the grinding disc can effectively solve the secondary loss of grinding consumables and the grinding line generated during work, thus greatly improving the work efficiency.
7. The multi-functional grinding disc can be installed with various grinding consumables to reduce your construction cost as much as possible.
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