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How to distinguish the quality of floor grinding machine?

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2023-03-29 09:49

Floor grinding machineIt is mainly used for related construction operations on the ground. It can effectively polish water stone, epoxy mortar layer and concrete surface, etc., and grind the floor more smoothly, lubricated and clear.
Pay attention to the following four points to know whether it is good or bad:

1. the reliability of the operation, to understand the mechanical failure rate, safety is always the most important.

2. the results of the floor grinding, observe it after grinding on the ground flatness, lubrication, gloss and so on.


3. the smooth operation, smooth operation is to ensure the stable operation of the mechanical conditions, can reduce the mechanical failure rate.
4. the speed of grinding, grinding speed determines the efficiency of the operation, a floor grinding machine operation speed will directly affect the construction cost and enterprise profit.
In the end, we must also pay attention to the use of floor grinding machine before reading the instructions, and someone around the counseling.