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What are the safety regulations for the use of floor machinery

Release time:

2023-03-29 09:52

Floor machineryApplication safety regulations:
1, it is necessary to wear protective glasses and dust masks before operating floor machinery, and the protection measures are not in place.
2, the use of floor machinery before carefully check the protective cover, auxiliary handle, it is necessary to be in good condition without loosening.
3. It is necessary to close the power supply when replacing the grinding wheel. The grinding wheel can be replaced only after admitting that it is correct. It is necessary to use a special disassembly and cutting V-belt, and it is forbidden to knock and beat.
4. Before installing the grinding wheel, pay attention to whether there are phenomena such as dampness and angle loss, and the device must be firm and not loose. It is forbidden to hit the grinding wheel clamping nut with other external forces without special things.

5, floor machinery working time is longer and the body temperature is greater than 50 degrees Celsius and there is a feeling of hot hands, please immediately stop waiting for natural cooling before use.

6, the use of the power socket is necessary to be equipped with leakage switch device, and check whether the power cord is damaged.
7, prohibit the use of floor machinery without safety shield, the protective cover is loose and unable to fasten the floor machinery to prohibit the use or timely repair by special personnel, prohibit the parties to open the floor machinery.
8. It is necessary to start the machine and test the rotation before using the floor machinery to see if the grinding piece is running smoothly and normally, and to check the wear degree of the carbon brush. The professional personnel shall replace it on order and admit that it is correct before it can be used normally.
9, the use of floor machinery to remember not to use too much force, to slowly and evenly force, in order to avoid the occurrence of grinding pieces of the phenomenon, such as grinding piece card resistance phenomenon, should be the floor machinery to lift, so as not to burn the floor machinery or because of grinding piece broken, causing unsafe risk.
10, floor machinery in the operation of the grinding direction of the prohibition of the surrounding staff and all flammable and explosive dangerous goods, so as to avoid unnecessary injury. Keep the workplace clean and tidy. Correct use to ensure personal and property safety.