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Maintenance and repair of grinding machine

Release time:

2023-08-31 14:58

Maintenance method of grinding machine

1. Check the electrical circuit regularly and replace it immediately if it is damaged.

2, regularly check the equipment parts, there is loose immediately reinforcement.

3. Regularly add lubricating oil to the oil injection hole.

4. Try to start the machine once before work to avoid sundries.

5, after work to clean the machine health, keep the equipment clean.

6, after maintenance needs to be recorded.

7. Pay attention to the cleaning of stolen goods during maintenance, check whether the working position and spring are burned or broken. If there is such a phenomenon, it should be repaired in time.

8. Whether the access channel of grinding fluid is blocked, it is necessary to keep it unobstructed. The active position needs to add lubricating oil.

9, do a good job of regular maintenance, exhaust slot position and hole cleaning, if there is gas burning trapped gas phenomenon needTo eliminate in time, timely repair wear parts.

10, equipment appearance maintenance, professional appearance maintenance, to prevent rust, when the mold needs to spray anti-rust oil, when the equipment is stored, need to cover, to prevent dust cover the working surface.

Maintenance of 2. grinding machine

1. If the electrical circuit is damaged, please ask a professional electrician to repair it when it is aging. Live working is strictly prohibited.

2. When there is a problem with the machine parts, replace the parts with the same specifications. It is strictly forbidden to start the machine with defects.