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How not to let the floor epoxy machinery work on the environment of accidental damage

Release time:

2023-09-04 12:14

InFloor epoxy machineryIn the process of construction, we must pay attention to the protection of the environment. Do a good job in the construction site of environmental health, including the prevention of dust, noise, water pollution, improve the working environment, in order to ensure the health of workers, so that they can actively put into construction production, epoxy flooring enterprises are also beneficial.

People's sense of self-protection is very strong, some urban floor paint construction nuisance problems reflected prominent, some sites often conflict with the surrounding residents, affecting the construction production, more serious may also stop remediation. If preventive measures can be taken in time, external interference can be prevented and the construction can be carried out smoothly.

Floor epoxy machineryStrengthen the inspection and monitoring work. Pay attention to check the epoxy floor construction site whether there is dust, noise and other pollution, equipment operation is normal, if found problems, to inform the person in charge, as soon as possible to deal. A project must have a person in charge, that is, the project manager, who is the leader of the self-monitoring system of environmental protection on the construction site, and regards environmental performance as an important part of the assessment of the project manager.