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Floor grinding machine how to use?

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2023-09-11 17:19

Floor grinding machine performance includes: grinding width, grinding head operation mode, speed, grinding head unit pressure, water control, etc. The construction standard is divided into: flatness, clarity and gloss.
1, floor grinding machine grinding area: relatively speaking, the larger the grinding area of the machine, the higher the flatness of the construction ground, but it is also the increase of the grinding range, which reduces the leveling efficiency of the ground height difference.
2. Floor grinder grinding head operation mode: The more complex the floor grinder grinding head operation mode, the greater the grinding force, the higher the work efficiency, and the higher the ground clarity. Two-way 12 grinding head floor grinding machine grinding force is stronger.
3. Floor grinder speed: Under normal circumstances, the higher the number of revolutions of the floor grinder grinding head, the higher the grinding force. However, too high a speed will reduce the grinding force between the abrasive and the ground. When the pressure of the grinding head is relatively low, it will reduce the stability of the machine operation and reduce the construction standard.
4. The unit pressure of the grinding head of the floor grinding machine: the pressure of the grinding head of the floor grinding machine and even the weight of the machine, the greater the pressure of the grinding head, the higher the relative efficiency and leveling rate. Too soft ground construction, if the grinding head pressure, cutting force increases, this time the floor grinding machine can not run at a constant speed, will reduce the construction flatness.
5. Water control: Generally, grinding on the ground is divided into wet grinding and dry grinding, which mainly determines the ground. Water can play a role in lubrication, chip removal and cooling. With the change of grinding process, the amount of water should be given and controlled in time. Ground grinding temperature will also directly affect the grinding luminosity.
Through the introduction of the performance of the floor grinding machine, I believe that we understand the performance of the various parts of the floor grinding machine to facilitate the choice of more in line with their own needs of the floor grinding machine. Qing Qin Yu Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. provides you with a large number of floor grinders. If necessary, please call Wu Jingli: 13925069066