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Why do you want to clean up the grinding plate after curing and repairing the floor grinding machine?

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2023-09-12 10:56

During floor construction, the floor grinding machine shall clean up the replaced grinding pieces after each grinding, so as not to cause irreparable scratches on the ground due to gravel in the grinding pieces during the next construction, especially during curing treatment. When the ground is repaired, remember to clean up the grinding pieces.
As a dust-free construction technology specially used for curing floor construction, when the ground is repaired, if the repair agent and repair mortar are sprinkled for "grinding method" repair, the grinding piece is stained with repair agent and repair mortar or repair material, which needs to be cleaned up in time, otherwise it is not easy to get after drying. And if you don't pay attention to, floor grinding machine with these pieces of grinding on the ground, it will cause damage to the ground, may not be able to repair, may also spend a lot of time to repair, add trouble to the floor construction.
So in the floor grinding machine after curing repair, especially grinding repair, to remember to check the cleaning of metal grinding.
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