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Attention should be paid to the use and installation specifications of gas wall-mounted boilers

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2022/05/25 10:20

At present, the installation and use methods of wall-mounted boilers on the market are basically similar, so you need to pay attention to the installation of wall-mounted boilers. Let us take you to understand the gas boiler installation specification should pay attention to what aspects. The use and installation specifications of gas wall-mounted boilers should be noted: 1. Improper use and installation will cause harm to people, animals and objects; 2. Equipment installation shall be strictly in accordance with the manual. 3. Only agents and professional operators authorized by the manufacturer can repair and replace parts or the whole machine.. Original accessories should be used to avoid reducing product safety; 5. The original flue should be used, and other flue should not be replaced at will. It is strictly forbidden to use a single flue instead of a coaxial pipe. 6. The maintenance of the flue air pressure regulating valve and controller should contact the equipment manufacturer; otherwise, please contact the equipment manufacturer.. Do not purchase equipment modified by the dealer to ensure safety; 8. Install the equipment before installing the gas shut-off valve on the pipeline. 9. Do not install equipment near strong electromagnetic radiation equipment such as induction cookers and microwave ovens; 10. Do not remove any seals on electrical appliances; 11. Do not use corrosive cleaning agents when cleaning appliances; 12. Do not install electrical appliances in the bedroom, living room and bathroom; 13. Do not allow children and people who cannot use electrical appliances to operate electrical appliances, and do not allow children to play with electrical appliances; 14. Users should not use heating safety valves and heating drain valves by themselves, and should be professionally hidden into the processing equipment; 15. after repair, maintenance personnel should indicate the results of repair and inspection on the product.. The room power distribution system should be grounded, and the switch connected to the equipment should not be placed in the bathtub or shower. The relevant plug and socket should pass the relevant certification; 17. Indicate the working conditions of the antifreeze function of the equipment, remind the user to heat the equipment during the long-term shutdown in winter, drain all water in the domestic hot water system or add corresponding antifreeze to the water pipe to avoid Frost damage to the equipment or pipes. Jiang Suno Winter Thermal Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. (Santlets) is a traditional German heating technology brand. The main brands and businesses of our company are wall-mounted boiler investment, wall-mounted boiler brand, module furnace brand, steam engine brand, etc. At the same time, our company is also a well-known wall-mounted furnace supplier, wall-mounted furnace manufacturer and module furnace manufacturer. It has rich experience in heating system production and application, and its products combine traditional technology with manufacturing technology. Products are widely used in residential heating, regional heating, commercial, industrial steam engine and other fields, by the user's trust and praise. And high-end quality, quality service, reasonable price to provide customers with high-quality boiler products. You can choose with confidence.

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