Meichengqi MG30 multi-function medium-sized grinding machine

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  • Product Description
  • Meitengqi MG30 multifunctional medium-sized grinding machine is mainly used for grinding small or medium-sized ground. It can effectively polish the concrete surface layer, epoxy mortar layer and old epoxy ground. With light, flexible, high efficiency.
    With vacuum cleaner power socket, vacuum cleaner power cord can be directly connected to the grinder, to avoid the need for 2 power cords when working trouble.
    Product characteristics
    1. The grinding depth and handle height can be adjusted, and the operation is stable and reliable.
    2. The dust removal device is designed, which can be connected to the vacuum cleaner for dust-free operation.
    3. Light weight, convenient loading and unloading, can work continuously for a long time.
    4. Imported switch with overload protection has the function of phase loss and leakage protection.
    5. Long-life design, using aviation rubber material design shock absorption device, flexible and durable.
    6. Avoid hard contact between the grinding disc and the ground, and completely solve the phenomenon of eccentric wear of the grinding disc, small and uneven contact area between the grinding disc and the ground. The service life of the grinding disc is longer and the grinding area is larger.
    7. Provide coarse, medium and fine diamond grinding disc, users can choose according to different base grinding ground. You can also choose a cheaper combination of grinding disc, the use of lower costs.
    8. The operation is simple and comfortable, and the labor intensity is low.
    9. It has the function of fine grinding and derusting: it can chisel the topcoat, primer and oxide skin on the surface of the steel plate. As there are various derusting heads to choose from, even if there are rust pits on the surface, it can be chiseled.
    10. The grinding disc can be replaced by our company's special wood floor grinding disc, grinding wood floor, do wood floor treatment. Let the grinder realize its value and make it more practical.
    Technical parameters
    Power: 3KW voltage: 220V/380 50Hz weight: 66kg speed: 1450rpm working width: 250mm
              Special wood floor grinding disc

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