Meitengqi 12T-700E multifunctional floor grinding machine

With 380V three-phase voltage, the speed can reach 2400r. It is suitable for epoxy floor construction of parking stations, warehouses and workshops, and weighs as much as 380kg. In the same type of grinding machine, he is a heavyweight Thanos. At the same time, you can adjust the rotation speed according to your process. The 15kw frequency converter is stable and durable.

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  • Product Description
  • MeichengeMultifunctional floor grinding machine series is used for ground grinding, maintenance of professional machines. Suitable for concrete, stone grinding, polishing and other work. The machine is suitable for working on wooden floor, terrazzo, marble, granite, concrete and other floors. With special grinding supplies, the machine can be epoxy floor paint surface removal.

    Different models of machines may be suitable for commercial and industrial use, such as hotels, offices, schools, hospitals, factories, shops, mass-market and rental industries.


    (The following accessories are available for purchase)

    1Tablet.Conversion head----For stone renovation, polishing;

    2. Diamond alloy segment---For concrete floor, stone floor, epoxy floor paint grinding treatment;

    3Wet grinding resin grinding plate (50~3000Objective) dry grinding resin grinding (50~2000item);

    4, diamond alloy segment (30~12item);

    Multi-functional floor grinding instructions

    1. Step on the multifunctional booster bracket with your left or right foot, and install the protective cover; gently lay the grinder flat;

    2. Adjust the operating handle to a suitable position;

    3. Add an appropriate amount of water to the water tank;

    4. Make sure that the power supply voltage is the same as that of the machine, and check that the machine switch must beIn the "off" position, connect the power cord correctly, insert the plug into the body socket, and the red power indicator will light up after the power is turned on;

    5. Install the grinding disc that matches the nature of the ground, turn on the water switch, put some water in an appropriate amount, tilt the rear wheel to make the machine off the ground, start the grinding machine (note that when starting, the frequency conversion speed control knob switch should slowly adjust the speed, It can be adjusted at will after starting),

    UsePost-maintenance method :

    1. Place the operating handle in a vertical position, disconnect the power cord, pull out the wire and place it in a dry place.

    2. Remove the conversion bayonet and refurb from the machine, clean the conversion bayonet and refurb, hang and air dry.

    3. Use a semi-dry clean cloth to clean the machine. After the machine is used in a wet environment, pay attention to cleaning the surface of the machine.

    4. Please check whether the whole machine and accessories are in good condition, and carry out necessary maintenance and maintenance before storage.

Since the establishment of Guangzhou Qing Qinyu Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., it has practiced the energy-saving and environmental protection concept of "Beautiful China", adhered to the service tenet of new technology, high standards, and excellent quality, and took the provision of healthy, safe and environmentally friendly products as its own responsibility, technology introduction and independent Research and development are equally important, on the basis of German technology, close cooperation with domestic and foreign scientific research institutions and universities, successfully launched in line with market demand, excellent performance of the "Meitengqi" brand of high-tech energy-saving and environmental protection products.

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