Meichengqi MC-750 road milling machine

Road milling machine with fine adjustment handwheel device to adjust the mechanical milling depth, easy construction, more for road, bridge surface milling, removal of asphalt, remove the old floor cement.

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Ground milling machine




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  • Product introduction:

    MC-750As a special equipment for highway and urban road maintenance, the road milling machine is mainly used in the roughing treatment of the floor, the leveling treatment of the flatness in the paving construction of the highway and railway pavement.


    Scope of use:

    1. Milling and leveling the ultra-high parts of cement, asphalt concrete pavement, highway bridge deck and epoxy resin wear-resistant ground.

    2. Milling and removing the local defects of the original road surface.

    3. Slight roughing of the road surface, or cooperate with large milling machine to complete the milling and roughing operation of corner area and steel bar area.


    4, remove the ground coating, paint, all kinds of traffic markings; when the ground is damaged and dirty, the old floor surface should be removed.


    Product advantages:

    1, sixThe long-life milling drum of the root cutter shaft, there are tools for handling various surface materials to choose from;

    2, the use of precision pitch adjustment, can accurately control the milling depth;

    3, greater weight, deeper milling depth, equipped with high-horsepower engine, the most suitable for large quantities of milling operations;

    4, with milling drum quick disassembly design, can be inComplete the installation and removal of the tool in minutes.;


    5. Equipped with safety switch, can quickly turn off the engine.


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