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Product introduction: containing highly efficient cationic surfactants and potent antibacterial agents, significant cleaning performance, can effectively clean all kinds of surface stains, is the ideal product for rapid cleaning and disinfection of daily homes, hotels and public places.

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  • Neutral general purpose cleaner

    Almighty disinfection water
    Containing efficient cationic surfactants and potent antimicrobial agents, significant cleaning performance, can effectively clean a variety of surface stains, is the daily home, hotels, public places to quickly clean and disinfect the ideal product.
    Product application: hotel, public relations places, home and other ground and countertop, wall, handrail surface cleaning and disinfection.

    Almighty Cleaner
    Highly concentrated active ingredients, widely used in a variety of surface cleaning, containing blocking heterogeneous nonionic surfactant and dirt dispersant, fast decontamination.
    Product application: hotel facilities, furniture and electrical appliances, floors, walls, tiles, windows and other surface cleaning.

    Hard Surface Cleaner
    This product is a concentrated formula, with strong penetration, mild nature, does not hurt the skin, does not damage the hard surface gloss, can completely remove the hard surface stains, suitable for all kinds of water washing surface.
    Product application: floors, walls, countertops, elevators and other washable surfaces.

    Glass Cleaner
    Concentrated neutral formula, the surface of the glass after washing does not leave white spots and other traces, fast drying, its unique high molecular polymer outstanding excellent anti-fouling effect, so that the glass long-term transparent and clean.
    Product application: bathroom glass, image mirror, car glass, curtain wall glass and other glass mirror cleaning.

    Water-free and germ-free hand-washing lotion
    Mild nature, efficient cleaning and sterilization, after washing can be sustained antibacterial, can be used in places without water source
    Product application: hospital, bank, service shop, hotel, family, hotel and other places

    Bathroom Cleaner
    This product contains highly active penetrant and brightening agent, effective protection of porcelain surface original luster, fast and effective decomposition of bathroom, basin, bath, toilet, urinal and other ceramic, brick surface stains, with excellent detergency and bright effect.
    Product application: bathroom walls, countertops, bathtubs, floors and other cleaning.

    Heavy oil cleaner
    It is specially used for emulsifying removal of heavy oil stains. Has excellent penetration, dissolution, emulsifying properties, can quickly remove all kinds of animal and plant oil stains, lubricating oil and mineral oil, emulsifying fast.
    Product application: machinery factory, machine room maintenance, car repair plant, kitchen floor, wall and other oil pollution.

    Hope can remover
    Concentrated compound polymer from stains off agent, mild nature, in addition to all kinds of oil stains, mineral stains, ink, red wine juice, lipstick, coffee stains, fruit stains, animal stains and other dirt.
    Product application: all kinds of surface stain removal

    ink stain remover
    Contains solvents and surfactants, dedicated to the cleaning of ink stains on hard and soft surfaces. Strong permeability, fast dispersion, can thoroughly clean the surface of a variety of pen ink stains
    Product application: all kinds of wall graffiti, spraying, paste and other ink dirt cleaning

    Air freshener

    Shuang Jie air freshener (various fragrant types)
    A selection of Chinese pure natural plant essential oils, can be quickly distributed to the indoor air to adjust the air, refreshing and comfortable, lasting fragrance, is the work, rest, entertainment places essential supplies
    Product application: supermarket, hotel, airport, home and other places to use

    air purifier
    The unique indoor air quality regulator breaks through the traditional method of using light-contact coal to regulate the air, and can play a normal role in air purification in non-light places. It can effectively remove the paint, benzene and solvent smell caused by interior decoration and decoration, and also effectively remove the odor of pets, tobacco, alcohol, urine and so on.
    Product application: suitable for indoor decoration after purification, carpet musty smell, pet urine smell, fishy smell, vomit odor removal.

    formaldehyde capture agent
    This product is a water-based pure natural plant extract essence, with efficient adsorption decomposition of indoor decoration, decoration due to the residual formaldehyde components, new carpet laying odor.
    Product application: indoor air treatment after decoration, adsorption and removal of formaldehyde components on the surface of counters, wardrobes, walls, curtains, carpets, etc.

    Catering cleaning series

    It is especially suitable for floor cleaning and cleaning in the kitchen environment. It can quickly and effectively remove all kinds of grease, stains, and has the ability to disinfect and sterilize.
    Product application: special products for floor cleaning

    Tile Cleaner
    This product is dedicated to kitchen tiles, polished tiles, non-slip floor tiles and other surface oil cleaning, containing high molecular polymers and high-efficiency surfactants and anti-fouling non-slip ingredients, so that the cleaning of the brick surface more bright and clean, more convenient daily maintenance.
    Product application: all kinds of brick surface cleaning and maintenance

    Ink clear
    It is composed of high-efficiency active agent and special effect polymer, which can effectively remove ink, pen ink, lipstick, nail polish, emollient, paint, asphalt stains and other stains on hard and soft surfaces. Put this product into the watering can, spray on the contaminated surface, wet for half a minute, wipe with a dry cloth, ink stains can be repeated operation or use a special stain table operation effect is better.

    Special special wax

    Sports surface wax
    This product is a polymer pure acrylic resin system, adding PE anti-slip wax emulsion, is the floor has higher abrasion resistance, anti-slip, high gloss and other characteristics, effectively protect the safety of sports personnel, reduce the floor damage. And improve the brightness of the original floor aesthetics.
    Product application: stadium and fitness venues indoor venues, hotels, home fitness rooms and other floor applications.
    PVC surface wax
    The unique polymer, specially used in PVC floor, rubber floor and other elastic surface, its special polymerization wax emulsion, make this product more bright, wear-resistant, waterproof performance, is the best protective layer of PVC floor surface.
    Application: factory, supermarket, hospital, hotel, office and other places floor.

    Carpet Care Products

    carpet stain remover
    Can quickly remove the grease on the stall and difficult to clean stubborn dirt, so that the stall quickly restore the original color.

    Mould-proof Cleaner
    This product is ultra-concentrated and highly active compound non-ionic surfactant and highly efficient cationic bactericide, which can effectively clean and kill germs and antibacterial at the same time. The neutral and mild formula is suitable for all kinds of carpet mildew. In wet weather conditions, effectively prevent the breeding of bacteria and mildew.
    Product application: all kinds of materials are applicable, can also be used for the curtain of mildew.

    Carpet Antifouling Treatment Agent
    A new generation of nano fiber protective agent, a unique process formula, can quickly penetrate into the carpet fiber and form a fiber waterproof, oil-proof protective layer. Its strong hydrophobic, oleophobic and anti-fouling function, can effectively prevent tea, red wine, coffee, ink, oil stains and other stains pollution carpet fiber, in the secondary cleaning more easily and quickly. One-time treatment can maintain long-term anti-fouling function, thereby extending the service life of the carpet.

    This product is a water tank defoamer designed for carpet water suction machine, which can quickly eliminate foam and effectively inhibit the formation of foam, prevent equipment from being wet and avoid damage.

Since the establishment of Guangzhou Qing Qinyu Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., it has practiced the energy-saving and environmental protection concept of "Beautiful China", adhered to the service tenet of new technology, high standards, and excellent quality, and took the provision of healthy, safe and environmentally friendly products as its own responsibility, technology introduction and independent Research and development are equally important, on the basis of German technology, close cooperation with domestic and foreign scientific research institutions and universities, successfully launched in line with market demand, excellent performance of the "Meitengqi" brand of high-tech energy-saving and environmental protection products.

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