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    ● Single-wheel vibratory roller
    ●There is an adjustable and reversible polyurethane automatic cleaning scraper on the steel wheel with beveled edge, which can prevent the accumulation of soil and asphalt between the steel wheel and the support frame, so that the compaction effect is smooth and consistent The automatic braking system can ensure the safety of the operator regardless of forward and reverse.
    ● The drive system for walking is fully enclosed, which enhances the service life of the relevant components for continuous operation and increased productivity. The fully enclosed steel wheels are maintenance-free, which eliminates the accumulation of dust and grease, reducing the need for maintenance and increasing productivity.
    ● The height-adjustable operating handle provides a comfortable working environment for the operator; when the handle is folded vertically, it is also convenient for transportation or storage.
    ● The rust-proof large water tank reduces the trouble of replenishing water back and forth, so that the equipment can continue to operate and greatly increase productivity. In addition, the fast sprinkler system and the coaxial filter screen are very easy to clean, which also greatly reduces the chance of failure.
    Technical parameters

    Technical parameters    RS800A         RSS800A                                                                                    

    Operating weight kg            440                  450                   

    Wheel diameter mm            560                  560            

    Wheel width mm               720                   720                   

    Overall dimensions (length * width *Height) mm 2,135*840*1,270 2,135*840*1,270

    curb clearance (right/left) mm    150/410            150/410              

    Side clearance (right/left) mm     24/90               24/90                

    Water tank capacity liter             30                    30                 

    Transport weight kg             465                  477               

    Transport dimensions (length * width *Height) mm 1,145*965*2,160 1,145*965*2,160

    Engine type Air-cooled · Single cylinder · Four-stroke Honda cylinder gasoline engine

    Starting mode recoil starter 12 volt electric motor starter and recoil starter

    Displacement cm 3              337                  337                  

    Operating speed revolutions per minute          2,400                       2,400               

    Maximum Rated Power kW (hp)7,1(9.5)          7,1(9.5)                 

    At rated transmission speed(RPM)                3,600                       3,600               

    Rated power specification SAEJ1349        SAEJ1349                  

    Fuel consumption(Liters/hour)                3.5                    3.5                 

    Fuel tank capacity(l)                  7                       7                 

    exciting force(Qianniu)              15.2                 15.2              

    Frequency(Hertz)               70                     70              

    static linear pressure(Newton/mm)             6                          6.1                    

    dynamic linear pressure(N/mm)         21                       21                    

    Gearbox        hydrostatic pressure        hydrostatic pressure

    Variable speed(Forward km/h)         0-3.7                     0-3.7                

    m/min                  0-61                        0-61               

    Backward km/h               0-2.7                      0-2.7                    

    m/min                   0-46                      0-46              

    Maximum compacted area(m 3/h) 2630                2630                    

    Maximum climbing ability(%)                          30                          30                

Since the establishment of Guangzhou Qing Qinyu Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., it has practiced the energy-saving and environmental protection concept of "Beautiful China", adhered to the service tenet of new technology, high standards, and excellent quality, and took the provision of healthy, safe and environmentally friendly products as its own responsibility, technology introduction and independent Research and development are equally important, on the basis of German technology, close cooperation with domestic and foreign scientific research institutions and universities, successfully launched in line with market demand, excellent performance of the "Meitengqi" brand of high-tech energy-saving and environmental protection products.

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