[Import] Wickernauthan BH65 high-power gasoline crusher

Product introduction: BH 65 gasoline crusher provides excellent single stroke energy and perfect power-to-weight ratio

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    BH 65 gasoline crusher provides excellent single stroke energy and perfect power-to-weight ratio. Thanks to the innovative impact system and the mature Wacker Neuson WM 80 engine, each impact power reaches 47.9 foot pounds (65 joules), making it an unparalleled product in the gasoline crusher market. BH 65 not only provides the best crushing solution, but is also comfortable and easy to use. The full spring type hood greatly reduces hand/arm vibration (HAV), so it can run for a longer time. The BH 65 crusher combines strong crushing performance with a low HAV value to provide maximum productivity.
    Product advantages
        The mature Wickborne two-stroke engine certified by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is designed for heavy-weight applications. It is a powerful engine with low exhaust emissions and long service life.
        The improved cooling system provides better operating comfort, safety and service life.
        The super large fuel tank reduces the downtime of refueling and ensures long-term operation.
        The nozzle located in the center is easy to maintain, and a small grease pump can be used on the construction site to coat the whole machine with oil.
        The use of gasoline engines, free from dependence on external power, provides a high degree of flexibility for various applications.
        The impact system is perfectly matched to the WM80 motor.
        The high impact velocity combined with the lightweight impact bar ensures high energy per impact and extremely stable, low vibration impact performance.
        The use of open, self-cleaning impact system, so that the system maintenance only need to be simple and smooth.
    Technical parameters

    single impact energy

    65 (6.5) Joule (mkp)

    Hammering Times

    1.250 1/Minutes


    26 Kilogram

    long xWidth xHigh


    Tool Holder

    hex 28 x 152 mm


    air-cooled single cylinder

    Engine Manufacturer

    Waker Neuson

    Engine type *

    WM 80

    cylinder working volume

    80 cubic centimeter

    Working power

    1,7 (2.31) kW (Metric horsepower)


    4.100 1/Minutes

    gasoline engine oil mixing


    Tank volume

    1,8 l

    fuel consumption

    1,1 l/Hours


    Transmission from engine to tool via centrifugal clutch, crank mechanism and air cushion impact system


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