Mei Tengqi MCT11 hand-pushed hair chisel

Product introduction: MCT11A hand-pushed hair chisel, suitable for highways, bridge decks, railways, water conservancy, electric power, airports, bridges, parking lots, municipal and other places

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    MCT11A Hand Pushhair chisel, suitable for highway, bridge deck, railway, water conservancy, electric power, airport, bridge, parking lot and municipal, construction, building decoration, reinforcement engineering and other new concrete to remove the surface laitance, granite decorative surface chiseling treatment, so as to achieve uniform roughness. The latest technology of the machine is designed for high-speed railway, highway C50 concrete and the four-edge chisel head and high sealing gas sealing device. This product is also widely used in a variety of old ground before the renovation of the floor treatment, remove the damaged ground raised part of the epoxy resin, do non-slip surface, blind and new surface rapping. It fully embodies the application value of low cost and high efficiency, and has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, stable performance, flexible operation and convenient handling.

    MCT11 Hand Pushhair chiselThe characteristics
    The hand-pushed ground walking hair chisel has a working width of 420mm and 11 alloy hair chisel heads on it. The hitting frequency of 11*2200=24200 times per minute is equal to 24200*44=1064800 chisel points. The rouge area per hour can reach 20~70 m2 (chisel depth 3~10mm, concrete grade between C30-C50 mm). At the same time, the biggest feature of the machine is that it can quickly replace the alloy wool boot head to ensure low-chisel cost and high efficiency.
    In addition, its unique four-edge reinforced alloy chisel boot head increases its striking force, the effect is more obvious, and has the characteristics of multiple grinding and use, which can prolong the service life of the chisel boot head.

    MCT11 Hand Pushhair chiselTechnical parameters

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