MG154 Multifunctional Floor Grinder Accessories Sandpaper Disc

MG154 Multifunctional Floor Grinder Accessories Sandpaper Disc

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  • MG154 multifunctional ground grinding machine accessories sandpaper disc, durable and efficient effect is good!

Since the establishment of Guangzhou Qing Qinyu Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., it has practiced the energy-saving and environmental protection concept of "Beautiful China", adhered to the service tenet of new technology, high standards, and excellent quality, and took the provision of healthy, safe and environmentally friendly products as its own responsibility, technology introduction and independent Research and development are equally important, on the basis of German technology, close cooperation with domestic and foreign scientific research institutions and universities, successfully launched in line with market demand, excellent performance of the "Meitengqi" brand of high-tech energy-saving and environmental protection products.

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