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Hand in Hand and Win-Win Cooperation -- Observation of China's Series of Diplomatic Activities in Golden Autumn

Release time:

2023-11-10 16:45

Hand in Hand and Win-Win Cooperation -- Observation of China's Series of Diplomatic Activities in Golden Autumn

Shortly after the successful conclusion of the Party's 20th National Congress, dignitaries from many countries visited China one after another, and the Fifth China International Import Expo and the 14th Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Wetlands were held as scheduled ...... In the golden autumn, a series of important diplomatic activities in China attracted the attention of the world.

At present, the world has not changed in a century to accelerate the evolution. Under the guidance of the head of state diplomacy, China in the new era has the world in mind, stands up for its own talents, deepens exchanges with all parties, and advances hand in hand. The diplomacy of major powers with Chinese characteristics has shown a new atmosphere on the new journey.

(Subtitle) New Journey, New Starting Point, Diplomacy Opens a New Bureau

Within a week from October 30 to November 4, the leaders of Vietnam, Pakistan, Tanzania and Germany visited Beijing successively. Welcome ceremony, meetings and talks, witness the signing of cooperation documents ...... A series of foreign affairs activities were carried out intensively.

This round of visits has created many "firsts"-Nguyen Phu Trong, General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam, chose China for his first visit after the 13th National Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam; Pakistani Prime Minister Shabaz, Tanzanian President Hassan, and German Chancellor Scholz are all After taking office, he visited China for the first time.

Su Xiaohui, an associate researcher at the China Institute of International Studies, said that after the victory of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, leaders of many countries visited China intensively, reflecting the close attention of the international community to China's development and reflecting the general desire of all countries to deepen exchanges and interaction with China.

During the meeting and talks, General Secretary Xi Jinping introduced the twenty major situations to the guests, expounded the significance of Chinese-style modernization, and conveyed a clear message that China continues to actively promote the construction of a community with a shared future for mankind: "The path of socialism with Chinese characteristics is in line with China's reality and reflects the Chinese people. Will, adapt to the development requirements of the times" "China will continue to adhere to the basic national policy of opening up" "" Chinese modernization has the common characteristics of modernization, there are also Chinese characteristics based on its own national conditions. "China has always maintained and promoted world peace with its own development, and China's development and world development are mutually integrated and mutually successful"......

Foreign leaders expressed their gratitude to General Secretary Xi Jinping for his introduction. Nguyen Phu Trong said that under the leadership of the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at the core, China will certainly achieve the goals and tasks set by the 20th CPC National Congress and make new positive contributions to the region and the world. Shabaz said that he believes that President Xi Jinping's foresight will not only continue to lead China to create more brilliant achievements, but also lead the world to a brighter future. Hassan said, the Tanzanian side regards China as its true and most important friend and is willing to be a partner worthy of China's trust forever. Scholz said that China plays an important role in many global issues, and Germany hopes to maintain communication and coordination with China to better safeguard regional and world peace and security......

Sincere and friendly exchanges have reaped heavy fruits. China and Vietnam issued the "Joint Statement on Further Strengthening and Deepening the China-Vietnam Comprehensive Strategic Cooperative Partnership"; China and Pakistan reached broad consensus on the high-quality joint construction of the "Belt and Road", the implementation of the Global Development Initiative and the Global Security Initiative, etc.; China and Tanzania upgraded bilateral relations To a comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership; China and Germany conduct in-depth communication on bilateral relations and important issues of common concern......

"The 20th CPC National Congress clearly proposed to comprehensively promote the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation with Chinese-style modernization. Chinese-style modernization is a modernization that follows the path of peaceful development, and China will work hand in hand with all countries in the world for win-win cooperation." Li Wei, director of the Center for Economic and Diplomatic Studies at Renmin University of China, said.

(subheading) Deepening diplomatic layout and expanding partnerships

Among the countries visited in this round are Vietnam, a socialist country with "comrades and brothers", Pakistan, a neighboring country with "good friends, good partners and good brothers", Tanzania, a developing country from Africa, and Germany, a western developed country from Europe.

"China's practice of insisting on making friends and constantly expanding the'circle of friends' has not changed; in the context of the complex and changeable international situation, the general direction of China's deepening cooperation with other countries and achieving win-win results has not changed." Su Xiaohui said.

The report of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China pointed out that China adheres to the development of friendly cooperation with other countries on the basis of the five principles of peaceful coexistence, promotes the construction of a new type of international relations, deepens and expands the global partnership of equality, openness and cooperation, and is committed to expanding the convergence of interests with other countries.

Promote coordination and positive interaction among major countries, promote the construction of a pattern of major-country relations featuring peaceful coexistence, overall stability and balanced development; adhere to the diplomatic policy of friendship, sincerity and tolerance, friendship and partnership with neighboring countries, deepen friendship, mutual trust and integration of interests with neighboring countries; uphold the concept of true friendship and sincerity and the correct concept of justice and interests, strengthen solidarity and cooperation with developing countries, and safeguard the common interests of developing countries ...... China's all-round, multi-dimensional diplomatic layout is constantly improving.

From the meeting with Nguyen Phu Trong, the two sides agreed to "consolidate traditional friendship, strengthen strategic communication, enhance political mutual trust, and properly manage differences", to the meeting with Shabaz, he pointed out that "China's new development will continue to provide new opportunities for countries in the world, including Pakistan"; From the meeting with Hassan, it was pointed out that "developing China-Tanzania relations is not only in the common and long-term interests of the two countries, it is also of great significance to promote the construction of a new era of China-Africa community of destiny", to meet with Scholz stressed that China and Germany "in the changing and chaotic situation should work together to make more contributions to world peace and development" ...... General Secretary Xi Jinping put forward a series of important propositions to steer the development of China's relations with all parties.

This series of diplomatic activities in the golden autumn, in the intensive bilateral exchanges, contains considerations for promoting the overall development of relations between China and relevant regions.

Guo Yanjun, director of the Institute of Asian Studies of the Foreign Affairs University, said that Vietnam and Pakistan are China's important neighbors in Southeast Asia and South Asia respectively, and Vietnam is an important country in ASEAN. The bilateral interaction not only plans the prospects for the development of China-Vietnam and China-Pakistan relations, but also promotes China. The development of relations with these two regions has injected strong impetus into building a community with a shared future around them.

During his visit to Tanzania in 2013, President Xi Jinping proposed that China's cooperation with African countries needs to uphold the concept of true friendship and sincerity. Now this has become the basic policy concept guiding China's unity and cooperation with developing countries. Su Xiaohui believes that this high-level exchange between China and Tanzania is another vivid interpretation of the concept of true friendship and sincerity, which fully reflects China's importance and respect for African countries, and demonstrates China's sincerity in strengthening unity and cooperation with developing countries.

Su Xiaohui said that the development of Sino-German relations will play a positive role in promoting the stable development of China-EU relations. The German Chancellor took the lead in visiting China among the leaders of European countries, and the direct face-to-face communication and dialogue between Chinese and German leaders not only effectively responded to the fallacy of "decoupling", but also set a model for the benign interaction between other European countries and China.

(Subtitle) Adhering to Open Cooperation and Sharing Development Opportunities

China and the visiting countries concerned have reached a broad consensus on practical cooperation in a number of fields; the Expo has been held in Shanghai for the fifth consecutive year; the 14th Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Wetlands has been held in Wuhan and Geneva ...... Through China's series of diplomatic activities in the golden autumn, the world has seen a China that adheres to the basic national policy of opening up to the outside world and firmly pursues a mutually beneficial and win-win opening strategy, we have seen a China that continues to provide new opportunities for the world with China's new development.

During his visit to China, Nguyen Phu Trong said that he would promote the further docking of the "two corridors and one circle" and the "Belt and Road Initiative" initiative, further promote the effectiveness of economic cooperation between the two countries, and create new highlights in various fields. Shabaz said, "deepen cooperation with China in various fields, so as to better achieve their own development" and "is willing to work with China to continuously promote the high-quality joint construction of 'Belt and Road, the Global Development Initiative is conducive to solving the current global challenges and is willing to work with China to actively implement it. During Scholz's visit to China, more than 100 German companies submitted follow-up applications, and 12 companies were finally shortlisted......

"Obviously, both political leaders and business people have a clear understanding of the importance of cooperation with China." Guo Yanjun said.

The CIIE has become a window for China to build a new development pattern, a platform to promote high-level openness, and an international public product shared globally. "Sharing opportunities in China's big market", "sharing opportunities for institutional opening up" and "sharing opportunities for deepening international cooperation", President Xi Jinping's speech at the opening ceremony of the Fifth CIIE sent a clear signal to create an open, prosperous and bright future together.

Former Slovenian President Turk said that China's commitment to opening up to the outside world is very important. In the complex and changeable international situation, the openness of China's economy is of global significance; Solomon Islands Prime Minister Sogavare said that the CIIE will share China's huge market brings historic opportunities for the world; International Monetary Fund Managing Director Georgieva said that to solve the current world development problems, more platforms such as the CIIE are needed......

The holding of the 14th Conference of the parties to the Convention on Wetlands shows that Chinese-style modernization, as a modernization of harmonious coexistence between man and nature, is providing more and more Chinese solutions and contributions for countries to explore the road of benign interaction between man and nature. "To unite the global consensus of cherishing wetlands", "to promote the global process of wetland protection" and "to enhance the global well-being of wetlands for the benefit of the people", President Xi Jinping put forward China's proposal on jointly promoting the global action of wetland protection in his opening speech.

Li Wei said that China's development cannot be separated from the world, and the world's development also needs China. A series of recent important foreign affairs activities have demonstrated to the world China's determination and confidence in continuing to open up to the outside world and win-win cooperation with the world, and demonstrated China's mind and responsibility to create more opportunities for the world with its own development. will inject more certainty into global development.

Only by embracing the world can we embrace tomorrow. Only by working together can we achieve stability and prosperity. China, embarking on a new journey, will continue to hold high the banner of peace, development, cooperation and win-win results, open its arms to the world and work with other countries to create a better future for mankind. (END)

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Analysis and Solution Summary of Common Faults of Smearing Machine

1. Smoke from the smoothing machine when working Check the trowel machine to check whether there is too much oil. If there is too much oil, release part of it. It can also be that the piston is broken and severely worn and will burn the oil. If it is damaged, it needs to be replaced in time. Check the engine. If the engine is not faulty, it may also be that there are too many impurities in the oil. The oil is very important. Try to choose high-quality oil. When buying, you must pay attention to prevent buying inferior fake oil. 2. How to level the chassis screws of the smoothing machine First replace 4 new blades and put the trowel in a particularly flat place. Then remove the shift fork and visually inspect whether the heights of the four screws are consistent. If conditions permit, measure them with a ruler. If the heights are inconsistent, adjust them to be consistent. When the gland is gently shaken, if there is no shaking, the debugging is proved successful. Put some butter on the top of the screw to prevent wear. 3. The wiping machine always stalls Observe whether the oil level is normal and whether the oil is too little. Some machines have their own oil protection system, which will automatically turn off when there is a shortage of oil. There is also the fact that after the remote flameout switch and the flameout switch of the machine are disconnected one by one, if the flameout phenomenon does not occur again, it means that there is grounding in that part. Just check and eliminate it carefully. 4. The engine of the trowel is normal, but the trowel is not moved. If there is no problem with the engine, it is caused by the wrong belt type or the belt is too long. If there is still an abnormality, it can be handled by changing a clutch. 5. The gasoline polish machine was blistered First clean the carburetor, let the spark plug be removed to see if there is water in the cylinder head. If there is water, pull the disk several times to drain the water. Try again after changing the oil to see if it is normal. 6. The smoothing machine cannot rotate Reason: The blade may be deformed; the motor bearing is broken; the motor bracket is not fixed well; there is a problem in use.


Method of polishing and grinding

Method of polishing grinding: Grinding is the grinding tool (hereinafter referred to as the grinding tool) surface embedded abrasive or coated abrasive and add lubricant, under certain pressure, the tool and the grinding tool contact and do relative movement, through the abrasive action, from the workpiece surface cut a layer of very thin chip, so that the workpiece has a precise size, accurate geometry and high surface roughness. Its essence is to use free abrasive particles to carry out micro-cutting including physical and chemical comprehensive effects on the surface of the workpiece through the grinding tool. Features:(1) In mechanical grinding, the machine tool-tool-workpiece system is in an elastic floating state. (2) The workpiece to be ground is not subject to any force and is therefore in a free state. (3) The speed of the grinding movement is usually below 30 m/min, which is about 1% of the grinding speed. (4) When grinding, only a very thin layer of material can be cut off, so the heat generated is less, the processing deformation is small, and the surface deterioration layer is also thin. (5) There is residual compressive stress on the grinding surface, which is beneficial to improve the fatigue strength of the workpiece surface. (6) The operation is simple and generally does not require complicated and expensive equipment. (7) Adaptability is good. (8) grinding can obtain very low surface roughness. 1. Fluid polishing Fluid polishing is to rely on high-speed flow of liquid and abrasive particles to wash the surface of the workpiece to achieve the purpose of polishing. Commonly used methods are: abrasive jet processing, liquid jet processing, fluid power grinding. Fluid power grinding is driven by hydraulic pressure, The liquid medium carrying the abrasive particles is caused to flow back and forth at high speed over the surface of the workpiece. The medium mainly uses special compounds with good flowability at lower pressure. (polymer-like substance) and mixed with abrasive, abrasive can be used silicon carbide powder. 2. Mechanical polishing Mechanical polishing is a method of polishing a smooth surface by cutting and plastic deformation of the surface of the material to remove the convex part after polishing, Generally use oilstone, wool wheel, sandpaper, etc., mainly manual operation, special parts such as the surface of the rotary body, Auxiliary tools such as turntables can be used, and the method of super-lapping can be used for high surface quality requirements. Super lapping is a special abrasive tool, In the polishing liquid containing abrasives, it is tightly pressed on the surface of the workpiece to be processed for high-speed rotating motion. Using this technology, the surface roughness of Ra0.008 μm can be achieved, which is the highest among various polishing methods. Optical lens molds often use this method. 3. Ultrasonic polishing The workpiece is placed in the abrasive suspension and placed together in the ultrasonic field, relying on the oscillation of the ultrasonic, The abrasive is ground and polished on the surface of the workpiece. Ultrasonic machining macro force is small, will not cause deformation of the workpiece, but tooling production and installation is difficult. Ultrasonic machining can be combined with chemical or electrochemical methods. On the basis of solution corrosion and electrolysis, ultrasonic vibration is applied to stir the solution, The dissolution products on the surface of the workpiece are separated, and the corrosion or electrolyte near the surface is uniform; Ultrasonic cavitation in the liquid can also inhibit the corrosion process, conducive to surface brightening. 4. Electrolytic polishing The basic principle of electrolytic polishing is the same as chemical polishing, that is, by selectively dissolving the small protruding parts of the surface of the material, Make the surface smooth. Compared with chemical polishing, the effect of cathode reaction can be eliminated, and the effect is better. The electrochemical polishing process is divided into two steps: (1) Macroscopic leveling dissolution products diffuse into the electrolyte, and the geometric roughness of the material surface decreases, Ra> 1μm. (2) micro light level anode polarization, surface brightness, Ra <1μm. 5. Fluid polishing Fluid polishing is to rely on high-speed flow of liquid and abrasive particles to wash the surface of the workpiece to achieve the purpose of polishing. Commonly used methods are: abrasive jet processing, liquid jet processing, fluid power grinding. Fluid power grinding is driven by hydraulic pressure, The liquid medium carrying the abrasive particles is caused to flow back and forth at high speed over the surface of the workpiece. The medium is mainly made of special compounds (polymer-like substances) with good flowability at lower pressure and mixed with abrasives, The abrasive may use silicon carbide powder. 6. Chemical polishing Chemical polishing is to make the surface of the material in the chemical medium micro convex part of the concave part of the preferential dissolution, A smooth surface is thus obtained. The main advantage of this method is that it does not require complex equipment and can polish workpieces with complex shapes, Many workpieces can be polished at the same time with high efficiency. The core problem of chemical polishing is the preparation of polishing solution. Surface roughness obtained by chemical polishing Generally, it is several 10 μm. 7. Magnetic grinding and polishing Magnetic grinding and polishing is the use of magnetic abrasive under the action of a magnetic field to form an abrasive brush to grind the workpiece. This method has high processing efficiency, Good quality, easy control of processing conditions, good working conditions. With suitable abrasives, the surface roughness can reach Ra0.1 μm. The polishing in plastic mold processing is very different from the surface polishing required in other industries, Strictly speaking, the polishing of the mold should be called mirror processing. It not only has the very high request to the polishing itself but also to the surface flatness, There are also high standards for smoothness and geometric accuracy. Surface polishing is generally only required to obtain a bright surface. The standard of mirror processing is divided into four levels: AO = Ra0.008μm, A1 = Ra0.016μm, A3 = Ra0.032μm, A4 = Ra0.063 μm, due to electrolytic polishing, fluid polishing and other methods are difficult to accurately control the geometric accuracy of the part, The surface quality of chemical polishing, ultrasonic polishing, magnetic grinding polishing and other methods can not meet the requirements, so the mirror processing of precision molds Or mainly mechanical polishing.


What does the floor grinder floor grinder inverter display oL2 mean? Why can't the machine start? How to solve?

The situation is as follows: 1. The ground is very uneven, the resistance of the grinding disc is large, and the motor load is too heavy. 2. If this situation occurs when the new machine is used for the first time, it means that the governor has been adjusted to the fastest speed position, or the new grinding plate (block) Not open rough pressure on the rough hard surface, resulting in a large disc resistance, motor load is too heavy. 3. If the gearbox is repaired and the machine is initially tested like this, it may be that the gear assembly is not smooth and too tight, causing the grinding disc to rotate manually. It is not smooth, or the motor shaft and the center gear are not concentric after the motor is fixed during assembly, that is, the rotation is not concentric, which makes the electricity The rotation of the rotor is blocked and Caton occurs. Corresponding solution: 1, the machine up, move to a relatively flat ground area grinding, and then slowly cut into the uneven ground area, or use Other small grinding disc machinery will ground the rough surface of the potholes slightly smooth, and then use the machine to grind. 2. Roughen the grinding piece (block) on the cement floor. Press down on the armrest and raise the starter of the machine (make the grinding disc slightly off the ground). The machine (grinding disc) can be slowly landed. 3. Reassemble the gear or reassemble the motor to make the gear and the grinding disc rotate smoothly. After inserting the motor shaft into the central gear Concentric, suspend the motor and the box and energize the motor to start the motor, so that the motor, gear and grinding disc rotate smoothly. After shutdown, hand Rotate the grinding disc smoothly.