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Mei Tengqi Dry Ice Cleaning and Washing Machine Use Plan

Release time:

2020-11-24 10:26

A variety of dry ice media can be used to remove dirt on the surface of parts, paint, carbon deposits, film, wax, grease, non-stick coating and other dirt, and do not wear parts, so it is widely used in industrial molds, petrochemical, printing industry, automobile industry, electronics industry, general manufacturing, food and pharmaceutical, power industry, aerospace and other industries.

Check the liquid level in the liquid separator frequently.

After each cleaning operation,SMARTAll should be thoroughly cleaned and ensure that there are no solids or other contaminants on the machine.

Be sure to replace the cover on the dry ice outlet pipe to prevent foreign objects from falling into the air lock.

Note: If you work in excessively humid conditions, condensation will occur on the cold parts and form on the cold surface"Frost".

Release the pressurized air from the system;  Switch off the compressor.Open the main isolation valve. Release the pressure from the compressorMake sure the pressure gage indicates that the dry ice machine is not pressurized.Close the main isolation valveRemove the air supply hose.Remove the dry ice blast hose.Wipe the machine and clean the hoses and spray guns.The machine can now be stored.

 The spray hose connected to the machine and spray gun does not require Teflon tape. If the air hose is leaking, tighten it with a wrench. But not too tight!

    Do not completely fill the hopper first. full of hopper1/3You can.

    Do not twist the blasting hose! If the blasting hose is twisted, damage to the hose may occur, the hose may not transfer dry ice correctly, and it may become blocked. Several ice hoses are seriously damaged and need to be replaced.

    At first, the dry ice feed rate is set to the lowest level (turn the feed speed knob in the negative direction), and the knob can only be turned when the machine is running.

    As the machine runs, slowly turn the dry ice feed knob (clockwise) in the direction of the plus sign until the ice comes out of the spray gun. Adjust the feed rate as needed. Remember, more ice does not necessarily mean high cleaning ability.

    Always start with the highest available pressure and lowest dry ice feed rate for optimal cleaning.

    Do not leave dry ice on the machine for a long time. Otherwise icing and ice bridges will occur.

    Always keep the insulated dry ice container closed.