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Industrial vacuum cleaner application case

Release time:

2020-11-26 09:44

Cases of industrial vacuum cleaners. With the improvement of environmental hygiene standards of factories and enterprises in various industries this year, industrial vacuum cleaners have been purchased and used by more and more enterprises, and there are more and more types of industrial vacuum cleaners. Small and medium-sized enterprise factories can choose a Weddell small mobile industrial vacuum cleaner equipped with front universal wheels to clean up dust, iron filings, welding slag and other wastes on the ground, equipment surface and gap dead corners after work, can clean all kinds of complex working conditions, large amount of dust can choose 380V high-power industrial vacuum cleaner, can work continuously for a long time.

In the case of industrial vacuum cleaners, large warehouses, factory workshops and other daily work will have large vehicles, forklifts, forklifts, carts and other equipment frequently moving in and out, often generating a large amount of solid and liquid wastes such as dust, clods, oil, sewage, etc. The manual cleaning workload is large, and dust is easy to be generated, and the cleaning is not complete. For this kind of large-area dust, high-power industrial vacuum cleaners can be selected, if the ground is flat, you can choose an industrial vacuum cleaner with a front-mounted fixed push-suction prone, which has higher cleaning efficiency, more labor-saving, complicated working conditions and large dust area. Brushless high-pressure fans are adopted, with high power suction, 100L upper and lower separate large-capacity dust collection barrels, large single dust removal area, and exclusive patented intelligent reverse blowing function, which greatly improves dust removal efficiency.