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The difference between water grinding and dry grinding

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2022-11-03 09:47

In the construction process of floor grinding machine, there are two grinding methods, namely dry grinding and water grinding. What are the differences between these two grinding methods and what are the advantages and disadvantages of each, Qingqin Yu will explain them one by one.

1. dry grinding


1. The work efficiency should be higher, dry grinding does not need to sprinkle water and collect water in every process, which is more convenient and very time-saving;

2. Grinding effect is better, dry grinding equipment is generally large concrete ground grinding machine, heavy weight, good cutting force;

3. Visual identification ability, dry grinding is more conducive to the observation of ground grinding, to avoid grinding errors without knowing;

4. construction of high quality, dry grinding out of the ground more delicate, gloss will be better.


1. Dry grinding on the ground more shallow, but also more prone to scratches;

2. Dry grinding dust is large, harmful to human health, need to be equipped with professional dust removal equipment to achieve dust-free grinding.