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Color Permeable Coagulation Construction Scheme

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2022-12-08 09:33

1 1, .. 6 6m -8mm selected quartz aggregate
The natural quartz stone mine to take quartz stone, the first quartz stone surface soil after washing,
After baking and drying, take out 6-8mm quartz stone aggregate package after 6-8mm sieve machine, this quartz stone aggregate gradation
5-6mm about 40%,6-8mm about 60% composition.
2, color permeable floor strong solid material
Composed of domestic inspection-free high-grade Portland cement, imported color pigments and other patented admixtures
Mixture, color permeable floor strong solid material must be produced in Qing Qin Yu factory to ensure the color permeable floor strong
Solid quality and color permeable floor compressive strength, each package is 25kg.
-A- 4 4 Surface Sealant
The surface sealant is a transparent matte liquid, which is made of imported resin copolymer.
Complete color permeable floor on the surface, the formation of a transparent film to prevent car oil infiltration surface.

3. color permeable floor material performance
The results of inspection by Guangdong Electric Power Engineering Quality Supervision and Civil Engineering Inspection Station are as follows:
1) color permeable floor 28 days measured compressive strength is 31.4 MPa.
2) color permeable flat 28 days measured flexural strength of 4.5Mpa.
3) color permeable floor permeable coefficient of 300 liters/hour square meters.
4. Base Requirements
(1) according to the design requirements, color permeable concrete floor construction in the original structure layer, in order to ensure
Water concrete and grass-roots bonding as a whole, to avoid permeable concrete and grass-roots shell now.
(2) The compressive strength grade of concrete structure layer shall not be lower than C20; the surface shall be rough, clean and wet,
Thickness not less than 100mm.
(3) when the base is the concrete structure layer, the interface treatment should be done before laying the permeable concrete surface layer.
(4) the design of the base structure should consider drainage, drainage using permeable drainage pipe, drainage pipe should be with the road
The municipal drainage system in the design is connected. Tel: 020-38989165/152 Fax: 020-38989166 Guangzhou Qing Qin Yu Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.
Pervious Concrete Requirements
Requirements for pervious concrete pavement base
1, the thickness of the permeable concrete pavement: from the above, we can see that due to the strength of the color permeable concrete, it is mostly used in sidewalks, squares, parking lots,
Garden trails, residential roads and other places. According to the different application of the pavement surface layer thickness is different, for sidewalks, bicycle lanes and other light load ground, generally transparent.
The thickness of water concrete is not less than 8 ㎝; for parking lots, squares and other ground medium load ground, the thickness of permeable concrete is not less than 10 ㎝.
2. In order to ensure that the structural layer of the pavement body has sufficient overall strength and water permeability, the surface layer needs a permeable base and a better water retention cushion. Base
Layer requirements: on the compacted layer of the plain soil layer, the base material used should have appropriate strength and good water permeability, using graded gravel or graded
Gravel, etc. When graded crushed stone is used, the maximum particle size of the crushed stone shall be less than 0.7 times the thickness of the base course and not more than 50mm. Cushion generally adopts natural crushing
Stone, with a particle size of less than 10mm, is commonly known as melon seed slices and is paved with a thickness of 15cm ~ 30cm. The paving shall be uniform and smooth.
Fourth, the construction of color permeable concrete
Generally, 8cm is the standard as the benchmark thickness of the sidewalk, and on this basis, different thicknesses are designed according to different functions.
The construction process is as follows:
Requirements for crushed stone:
Gravel particles also have certain requirements, according to its particle size range of 1#, 2#, 3# three. For the specific particle range, see
(Table 2) Physical performance index table of crushed stone (Table 1) Tel: 020-38989165/152 Fax: 020-38989166 Guangzhou Qing Qin Yu Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.
5. construction preparation
1. The construction unit shall determine the construction plan and prepare the construction organization design according to the design documents and construction conditions.
2. Construction personnel must survey the construction site, review the location and elevation of underground concealed facilities, and determine the construction
3. Before construction, water and electricity supply, traffic roads, mixing and stacking sites, sheds, warehouses and fire fighting should be solved.
and other facilities. The construction site shall be equipped with a rain-proof and moisture-proof material stacking site, and the materials shall be marked separately.
It shall not be thrown at random during stacking, loading, unloading and handling.
4. The construction site should improve the quality, safety and environmental management system, and have a special person responsible for the implementation of dynamic management.
5. The cement used in the permeable base shall be re-inspected for its strength and safety in accordance with the relevant provisions, and the use of safety is strictly prohibited.
Qualitative unqualified cement. Different types of cement shall not be mixed in construction.
6. Permeable concrete must be mixed by on-site mixer, and equipped with auxiliary equipment required for construction.
equipment, auxiliary materials, construction tools and safety precautions.
7. The drainage pipe shall be laid in time according to the requirements during the construction of the base course.
8. Pay attention to environmental protection during construction.