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Introduction of Meitengqi Polishing Method-Multifunctional Crystal Surface Machine

Release time:

2022-12-13 09:14

Multifunctional crystal surface machine manufacturers tell you, stone processing using polishing methods are as follows:

1, oxalic acid polishing method: multifunctional crystal machine manufacturers tell you, suitable for polishing white marble, snowflake, screw turn, sesame white, mugwort leaf green, pink and other stone.

2. Alumina Polishing Method: The manufacturer of multifunctional crystal surface machine tells you that it is suitable for polishing stones such as sunset glow, ink jade, purple bean, Hangzhou ash, northeast red, etc. The hardness of these stones is higher than that of the first type.

3, white corundum grinding stone polishing method: multi-functional crystal machine manufacturers tell you, suitable for polishing jade, Dandong green, Jinan green, Baihujian and other stone. These stones are not easy to polish with the first two types of polishing methods.