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Highway construction into the maintenance era of highway maintenance machinery industry prospects

Release time:

2023-01-29 15:04

After many years of large-scale construction, China's highway network has been basically formed, and is about to enter a high tide of highway maintenance and repair. At the same time, the increasingly heavy traffic pressure puts forward higher requirements for the efficiency and quality of highway maintenance. These favorable factors will promote the development of highway maintenance machinery, and the concept of long-term "reconstruction and light maintenance" has led to the backward level of highway maintenance mechanization in China, so the future development space is huge and the market prospect is broad.

Problems of Highway Maintenance Machinery

Although the road maintenance machinery industry has made great progress, but the existing problems are also prominent, especially in the era of road maintenance, and the contradiction between the market demand is increasing. Specifically, the road maintenance machinery industry mainly has the following three major problems.

1, the industry foundation is weak, insufficient research and development. China's highway construction started late, the research on highway maintenance technology is not enough attention, most of the existing maintenance technology is introduced from abroad in recent years, therefore, the industry as a whole the original innovation ability is insufficient, advanced maintenance equipment is still mostly supplied by foreign manufacturers.

2. The industry has a high technical threshold, a long product promotion cycle, and the products also have the characteristics of multi-variety, small batch and customized production. Therefore, some large domestic construction machinery companies with research and development capabilities are currently unwilling to intervene. This also leads to the domestic enterprises engaged in the industry is generally small, research and development capacity and investment is insufficient, compared with similar foreign enterprises in product reliability and advanced there is still a gap, some of the technology and products in the country is still in the blank.
3, the industry standard system is not perfect. The standard system in the industry is not yet sound and perfect, and the basic standards that have a guiding role for the entire industry are still relatively scarce, which is not conducive to the rapid and healthy development of the industry.

Finally, the market is immature and needs to go through the process of market cultivation. The market of highway maintenance machinery has not yet matured, there are varieties of clutter, uneven performance and other phenomena, to a certain extent, affect the development of high-end products, but also not conducive to the construction of a sound industrial chain, the formation of economies of scale. Therefore, the standardization of the market and the optimization of the industrial structure still need to go through a certain process.