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Attention should be paid to the contents of the 12T-630 floor grinding machine

Release time:

2023-02-28 14:33

12T-630 is a new floor grinder recently launched by Meidengqi, which is very suitable for everyone's love. The following editor will give you a look at the matters needing attention during use:
All gear boxes in the 1. must be replaced after 1000 hours of first use, and the gear oil must be replaced every year thereafter;
Symptoms: The internal organs of the gearbox are due to a running-in process for the first use, so iron fragments are produced
2. all gear boxes should be handled with care when replacing grinding plates and handling;
3. all gear boxes must be cleaned after each work is completed, water can be; (can extend the service life of floor grinding machine and oil seal)
The 4. must always check whether the oil level of the gearbox is normal, if not enough, it should be added in time; (available amount of oil stick detection)
5. attention should be paid to prevent water from entering the frequency converter and motor when adding water;
The 6. should introduce the correct voltage to the machine;
7. the gearbox has abnormal noise, stop using it immediately and check the cause. Continued use can cause damage to other pinion components.
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