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For you to interpret the Meitengqi driving type smoothing machine

Release time:

2023-06-14 11:40

Driving type polishing machine is used for slurry lifting, compaction, smoothing and polishing of cement floor. It is widely used in the polishing and polishing of cement roads such as square cement surface, rural roads and high-speed pavement bridge deck. It is dozens of times more efficient than the ordinary walking type polishing machine and is widely used in construction projects with its characteristics of saving time and labor.

Product features:

1. The two grinding discs work at the same time, which increases the working area and improves the working efficiency.

2. Equipped with famous brand high-quality parallel bars, HONDA GX690 Honda gasoline power, high horsepower, energy saving, fuel saving and environmental protection, one-button start is more convenient

3. When working, the operator is on the machine, and the work is just like driving, the operation is simple, fast and efficient.

4. Large module design of gearbox, aluminum alloy box, pure copper maintenance-free gear, long service life, free replacement for non-human reasons within one year.

The spatula high-strength support arm is made of super-large diameter carbon structural steel with strict heat treatment to ensure that the long-term overweight work can be more suitable for the brutal operation of individual workers.

5. high quality high-speed centrifugal clutch transmission mechanism, large transmission torque, long service life and convenient maintenance.

6, the center of gravity down-shift design, so that the machine runs more smoothly, flexible, more safe and reliable operation.

7. Button-type electric water spray design, simple and convenient operation, making it more convenient to smooth and smooth.

8.3 groups of high-brightness LED lighting lamps are directly driven by generators without losing battery power, providing lighting for dark underground garages, night and other work, and the machine is not affected by the light source.

9. The machine body comes standard with 75 manganese steel thickened grinding plate sharpening knife, which reduces the use cost, increases the workload and can work 10000 square meters without replacement.

10. The surface is sprayed with plastic, beautiful and beautiful, anti-rust and corrosion resistance.