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Floor grinding machine can rough grinding terrazzo floor?

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2023-08-03 09:07

Floor grinding machineCan rough grinding terrazzo floor? This is a question that customers often ask us. There is no doubt that this is of course possible. Terrazzo floor is also a kind of floor. At the same time, terrazzo floor is also made of machine grinding construction. Therefore, the floor grinding machine can rough grinding terrazzo floor.

When the terrazzo ground for rough grinding, we should choose a large floor grinding machine for grinding, large machine grinding can not only improve work efficiency, at the same time, can ensure the terrazzo ground after construction of flatness and beautiful. On the contrary, if you use a small machine grinding not only can not achieve the beautiful effect, at the same time, it will reduce the quality of the finished terrazzo floor.

It should be noted that the terrazzo floor in the rough grinding, to test grinding, this is due to the terrazzo floor by a mixture of various materials. If the grinding is too early, the sand particles will fly out during the grinding process of the machine, thus forming problems such as needle holes. If the grinding is too long, there will be gaps between the terrazzo materials, resulting in a reduction in ground strength. Therefore, we should choose the appropriate machine and master the grinding time when using the floor grinding machine to grind the terrazzo floor.

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