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What should be paid attention to when using floor grinding machine

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2023-08-18 13:52

Floor grinding machineIt is a multi-function machine equipment integrating rapid floor polishing, floor hardening, epoxy floor treatment, floor leveling, polishing and other different processes. The conceptual design is based on the extension of floor processing machinery; Necessary elements for floor and ground stone slag removal, leveling and grinding and polishing functions; Requirements for humanized operation and construction; Therefore, Meitengqi Floor Grinder has become an essential equipment for modern floor grinding technology with excellent function, remarkable effect, reasonable structure and easy and sensitive operation.


Matters needing attention in the use of floor grinding machine
1. Don't use too much force when polishing, it should be uniform force.
2, in the construction must also ensure that the ground is clean and tidy.
3, in the use of epoxy floor grinding machine, around the prohibition of flammable and explosive and other dangerous goods.
4. During construction, it is also necessary for construction personnel to wear corresponding protective equipment, such as protective glasses and dust masks.
5. If the temperature of the grinding machine is found to be above 50 degrees during construction, it will be necessary to stop working immediately and use it after cooling.
6, or in the use of time must be a comprehensive check of the various parts of the grinder, such as the protective cover, auxiliary handle is in good condition and whether it is loose.
7. When using the grinding machine, be sure to check whether the grinding wheel is affected with damp or missing angle. If so, follow up and replace it in time. Moreover, the grinding wheel must be reliable and free from looseness.