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Meitengqi milling machine use example

Release time:

2023-09-20 11:19

The driving power supply of this machine is three-phase380VThe high voltage, so the power supply, cable connection wiring work, work efficiently:

1Flexible operation. AlthoughMC320The overall weight of the milling machine reaches310KG, But it can be completed independently by only one person to turn and turn around under working conditions.

23. A walking speed adjusting mechanism is provided. The suitable walking speed of the milling machine can be adjusted according to the requirements of the milling depth required by the milling machine.

33. The bearing is provided with a high-temperature butter injection port, and the service life of the bearing can be effectively extended and the maintenance cost can be reduced by injecting high-temperature butter regularly.

4Equipped with specially designed waterproof, dustproof, high-grade insulation electrical control box, so that the operation safety of construction personnel is guaranteed.