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Tennant T500e medium hand push type land washing machine

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Description: Using innovative technology to achieve cleaning effect, extend machine life and reduce the cost of ownership.
Product description
T500e hand washing machine
Using innovative technology to achieve cleaning effect, extend machine life and reduce the cost of ownership. T500e hand-pushed washing machine is suitable for hard ground cleaning, which can achieve the best performance and stable cleaning results, but also reduce the cost of cleaning. There are many kinds of cleaning brush heads, such as square vibration brush head, and many kinds of optional innovative technology, which make your cleaning operation more stable and effective.
T500e has replaced the T5e model.
T500e features and advantages
Smart-Fill? Battery automatic water replenishment system with T500e, ec-H2O nano-Clean? Electrolytic water nano-bubble technology and other optional innovative technologies are used to reduce cleaning costs, improve efficiency and simplify operator training.
The maintenance-free battery automatic water supply system can prolong the battery life, prolong the battery running time and easily optimize the long-term performance of the battery.
This medium-sized washing machine has a variety of cleaning widths, and can choose disc brush, rolling brush or square vibration brush head.
No expensive surface coating peeling chemicals are required, and the surface coating can be removed efficiently with a 28 inch/700 mm square vibration cleaning brush head selection.
Health and safety
Innovative technology ensures the health and safety of operators, customers and the environment.
The use of the selected square vibrating disc brush can peel off the ground coating without the use of chemical peeling agent, basically eliminating the need for the use of strong alkaline ground coating peeling agent.
Selected ec-H2O NanoClean electrolytic water nanobubbles technology can reduce the need for chemical cleaners in daily cleaning operations.
By updating and improving the control device, the driving switch and speed setting button are placed in the position within the reach of the operator to improve the ergonomic experience.
The selected Smart-Fill battery automatic water replenishment system provides accurate water replenishment for batteries, avoiding the battery safety problems caused by excessive water replenishment.
Upgrading the image of facilities
Keep the floor clean and improve the image of the facilities.
The ground coating can be removed uniformly and effectively by brushing 170 lbs/77kg with a square vibrating disc with the highest ground pressure.
The new design with P-trap can improve the efficiency of sewage recovery, reduce the risk of pedestrian skidding and falling; the replacement of water-absorbing strip is more convenient, and effectively reduce the possibility of sewage splashing on the clean ground.
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