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Qing Qin Yu cleanser

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Description:With highly efficient cationic surfactants and a potent antibacterialagent, significantly cleaner performance.
Product description
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Neutral universal cleaning agent
Universal disinfecting water
With highly efficient cationic surfactants and a potent antibacterialagent, significantly cleaner performance, can clean a variety of surfacedirt, is in home, hotel, public places ideal for quick cleaning anddisinfection products.
Application: hotels, public places, homes and other flooring andcountertops, walls, handrails surface cleaning and disinfection.
Almighty cleaner
Highly concentrated active ingredients, extensive range of surface cleaningcontaining dispersant capped heterogeneous non-ionic surfactant and dirt,decontamination and quick.
Applications: hotel amenities, furniture, appliances, flooring, walls,tiles, Windows and other surfaces clean.
Hard surface cleaner
This product is a concentrated formula with superior penetration, mild, nothurt the skin, does not damage the hard surface gloss, can completelyeliminate hard surface stains, apply washable surface.
Application: floors, walls, counter tops, elevators, and other washablesurfaces.
Glass cleaner
Concentrated neutral formula, glass surface without leaving any traces ofwhite after washing, fast drying, polymer its special highlight excellentanti-fouling effect, turning glass will be kept bright and clean.
Application: shower, mirror image, auto glass, glass and other glasscleaner.
Free water sterilization washing gel
Mild, efficient cleaning sterilization, wash continued antibacterial, can be used in places without water
Application: hospitals, banks, services, shops, hotels, homes, hotels and other places
Bathroom cleaner
This product contains highly active penetrating agents and cleaning agent,effective protection of the original luster of porcelain surface, fast andefficient decomposition of baths, basins, baths, toilet, urinal, brick andother ceramic surface stains, has excellent detergency and light effects.
Applications: bathroom walls, countertops, tubs, floors clean.
Heavy oil cleaner
Designed for heavy oil emulsion stains removed. Excellent penetrating,dissolving, emulsifying properties, can quickly remove all kinds of animals and plants, such as grease, oil, and mineral oil and emulsified fast.
Applications: machinery, room maintenance, car repair workshop, kitchenfloors, walls and other pollution.
Looking stain removal agent
Concentration of composite polymer stains exfoliate, mild, can remove all kinds of stains, ink, grease, mineral, red wine sauce, lipstick stains,coffee stains, fruit, animal stains dirt.
Product application: all kinds of surfaces in addition to stains
Ink stain removal agent
Contains solvents and surfactants, clean surface ink stains designed forhardware and software. Permeability, dispersion, and to thoroughly cleanthe surface ink stains
Product application: all kinds of wall graffiti, paint, paste and brush thedirt cleaning
Air fresheners
Comfortable and clean air freshener (various type)
Selection of Chinese pure natural plant essential oils and can be rapidlydisseminated to adjust air in indoor air, refreshing and comfortable, long lasting fragrance, is necessary for work, rest, entertainment supplies
Product application: supermarkets, hotels, airports, homes and other placesof use
Air purifiers
Unique indoor air quality regulators, breaking the traditional airconditioning methods using a photo-coal, no light sites can play airpurification. Effectively removes indoor decoration, decoration paintresidues, benzene, solvents, pet odor, smoke just as good wine, urine and other odor removal.
Application: suitable for indoor renovation of purification, musty carpet,pet urine smell, fishy, vomit odor removal.
Formaldehyde scavenger
The product contains water base natural plant extracts essence, with high efficiency adsorption of decomposition of indoor decoration, decoration offormaldehyde residues left after ingredients, laying new carpet smell.
Application: indoor air after decoration, renovation of the counter,wardrobe, wall, curtains, carpets and other surface adsorption offormaldehyde content
Catering kitchen series
Washing liquid
Especially for floor cleaning and cleaning in the kitchen environment, itcan rapidly and effectively remove all grease, dirt, and sterilizationability
Application: floor cleaning products
Ceramic tile cleaner
This product is designed for the kitchen tiles, polished tiles, non-slipfloor tiles and other surface cleaning of oil containing polymers and high performance surfactants and stain-resistance and sliding elements, so thatafter cleaning the tiles surface bright and clean, daily maintenance moreconvenient.
Product application: all kinds of tile surface cleaning and maintenance
Ink clearance
Compounded by high performance active agents and special polymers, caneffectively remove the hard and soft surfaces, inks, ink, lipstick, Nail Polish, moisturizing agents, paint, bitumen stains and other stains. Putthis product in spray cans, spray on the contaminated surface, wetting forhalf a minute, wipe with a dry cloth, ink stains when repeatedly or usingspecial stains operate better.
Special wax
Playground surface wax
This product is a polymer acrylic resin system, add a PE slip wax emulsion,is the floor has higher abrasion resistance, anti-slip, excellent features,an effective campaign to protect the safety of personnel, reduce damage ofthe floor. And increased bright aesthetics of the original flooring.
Application: indoor stadium and fitness venues, hotels, home gym flooringapplications.
PVC surface wax
Specific polymer, used in PVC flooring, rubber flooring surface, itsspecial polymeric wax emulsion, make this product more shiny, wear-resistant, waterproof performance, is the protective layer of PVC is thebest flooring surface.
Application: factories, supermarkets, hospitals, hotels, office buildingsand other places the floor.
Carpet care products
Carpet stain removal agent
Rapid removal of grease and hard to clean stubborn dirt from a stall, stallrapid restore original colors.
Spread the mildew cleaner
This product is a super concentrated highly reactive compound of nonionicsurfactant and highly efficient cationic disinfectant, while killing germsand antibacterial for effective cleaning, the neutral mild formulations forvarious carpet mildew. In wet weather conditions, effective prevention ofspread the bacteria and mildew.
Product application: a variety of materials to spread the applied, or moldthat can be used for curtains.
Carpet stain treatment
Next-generation Nano-fiber protection, unique formula can quickly penetratethe carpet fibers and fiber waterproof, oil proof protection layer formed.Its extremely hydrophobic, oleophobic and stain resistance function, caneffectively prevent the tea, red wine, coffee, ink, grease and other dirtcontaminated carpet fibers, secondary cleaning faster and more easily. Alasting stain resistance function, so as to extend the life of carpet.
Defoaming agent
This product is designed for rug absorbing water machine water tankdefoamers can quickly eliminate bubbles, and continue to effectivelyinhibit the formation of foam to prevent equipment wet to avoid damage.
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